Its summer!

2008-05-23 17:19:18 by Shyan-JKS

Im losing my white fur and Im getting back my hardcore light-weight hair back! Cant wait to do some more woods exploring! I already kinda have, But im still warming up for it :P

Here is a picture of one of the adventures I had today:

Its summer!


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2008-05-23 18:15:14

Your dog is 38 years old.

Shyan-JKS responds:

I dont have a dog. But I am now 39 years old.

(in dog years)


2008-05-23 18:22:50

What are you talking about?

Shyan-JKS responds:

I like to walk out in the woods! Cant you see, Im a dog!


2008-05-23 19:23:25

ahh. golden retrievers are the best.

Shyan-JKS responds:

Glad you think so!


2008-05-23 20:03:34

Bark Bark!!!

Shyan-JKS responds:



2008-05-23 20:59:53

You've got yourself a nice looking dog there.

Shyan-JKS responds:

I do look nice, Thank you!


2008-05-24 11:02:40

Cool dog.

Shyan-JKS responds:

I am a cool dog!


2008-05-24 11:06:03

I feel sorry for you. Being owned by an idiot and all.

Shyan-JKS responds:

Im not owned by an idiot.


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